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Artist Making Tattoo

Find Your Dream Tattoo

 We’re inspired by the people, the culture, and the fiber of everything around us.  Come into the shop and let us help you turn your dreams into reality.


Full Color or Black & Gray

Our shop doesn’t limit its self to one style of art.  Tony can draw and tattoo a multitude of styles including realism, surrealism, watercolor, new school, neo traditional, traditional, Japanese, black work, illustrative and portrait.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Let us create a fresh tattoo for you exactly where you want it. You tell us what to do, and we’ve got it under control. We know you’ve got many choices when it comes to tattoo shops in the area, and we look forward to earning your trust and creating a beautiful custom tattoo for you.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

We care about you and the health of your tattoo!  Our Tattoo Aftercare Instructions are doctor approved. We go over them throughly and make sure you know how to take care of your tattoo.


All Cosmetic Services are provided by Christina,
our Licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. 
You can see her full portfolio on

Let's Talk Brows!

~Microblading is a form of tattooing that is performed using a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool, composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade, to hand draw each individual hair and simultaneously implant the pigment into the skin.  This brow style is best for our younger clients that don't have any sun damage.  

~Powder or Ombre Brows is a cosmetic tattoo technique designed to create eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to makeup. Powder effect is done with a shading technique using a tattoo machine.  This style is great for coverups.

~ Hybrid Brows are brow tattoos, created in two steps – one is microblading, and the other is microshading. The microblading part is done with a manual tool for creating hairstroke-like incisions.  Microshading is done with a tattoo machine that adds the shadowy effect.  The hybrid still is bladed through the front and mid-section of the brow, then shaded from the tail of the brow working back toward the front.  This style works great on all skin types.

If you are unsure of what brow style will work better for you, your artist can further explain each technique and make recommendations on what style will work best for your skin type and lifestyle. 

 ~Brow Corrections and Cover-Ups If you are in need of a coverup, or a correction, please contact the studio to schedule your free, in person consultation to meet with your artist and set up your appointments. 

What About Eyeliner?

~Lash line Enhancement is a great way to give the appearance of thicker lashes and enhance the eye without committing to a certain style of eyeliner.  By tattooing directly into the lash line only, you can have the enhancement you want without a permanent make up look.  This is our most popular eye service!

~Traditional Eyeliner This is a regular liner, never done to overpower the eye but follows the eyes natural shape.  The thickness is completely up to the client.  This can also be done with a smokey effect.

~Winged Liner A traditional liner with the addition of a wing.  This can also be done with a smokey appearance instead of a structured line.

Lip Blushing/Ombre Lips/Korean Gradient/Lip Neutralization

~Lip Blushing is a form of lip tattooing that give the lips and border of the lip and even color.  This can be an enhancement of your natural lip tone or grab your favorite lip stick and will we match the color. 

~Ombre Lips are lip blushing but with a gradient from darker on the outer edges of the lips moving lighter towards the center of the lips.

~Korean Gradient is an Ombre but with the color concentrated on the inner lip and moving lighter towards the out lip or vermillion border. 

Lip Neutralization  This service is for clients with melanin in their lips.

We cover all your Cosmetic Tattoo needs.

Speak with our multistate licensed artist today. (507)920-3149

Saline Removal & Emergency Saline Removal

If you’ve had your brows done with another artist and you are not happy with the results, we can help. 

Emergency removal must be done within the first 48 hours of recieving your service.  

Please Contact us at (507)920-3149

Policies and Procedures

Cancellations, Reschedules and Deposits

Clients must cancel/reschedule their appointment within 48 hours to avoid the $100 cancellation fee.
This fee will be credited towards any future rescheduled appointments.

Clients who no show to scheduled appointments and fail to notify the business will be charged 100% of their scheduled service.
If the client wishes to reschedule, another non refundable $100 retainer fee will be due before the appointment date.
ALL Deposits are Non-Refundable but can be transferred only to the same artist.


Meet your Artist

Jose “Tony” & Christina Perez

Tony has been in love with art since he was a child.  After spending years drawing, he started tattooing in Puerto Rico, his Caribbean home.   Since coming state side over 15 years ago, he has been blessed to tattoo all over America.  From Montana to Massachusetts, meeting some amazing people and having the best of experiences.   


Christina is a cosmetic tattoo artist licensed in Minnesota and Iowa.  She loves creating beautiful brows designed specifically for each client.  

Brows based on her client's unique bone structure and their specific request. 

She believes in giving her clients the best experience possible and is passionate about her craft. 

Christina provides full cosmetic services and is not limited by just brows!

She also provided permanent eyeliner and lip blushing.  

Tony and Christina married in Colorado in 2017 and are happy to call Minnesota their home and are in love with the town of Luverne.    A Christians couple, who see the tattoo shop as an opportunity given by God to reach those the church might not be able reach.  Taking the opportunity to speak of and give glory to Jesus to everyone that sits in their chair,  

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We've made booking even easier!  Here you can book your consultation with Tony and your cosmetic tattooing with Christina at both her locations!

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